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The Fate of Irnia 0.41(Updated)

2 April 21

If for some reasons you hope epic tales about heroes and villains from a manga porn game afterward"The Fate of all Irnia" here definitely is worth your attention. Events will take place each 12 decades in which tribes attace the village of folks. You, your mom and stepsister are living in this village. Your parent has fought orcs before but recently he died from an unknown disease yet he ha sleft you a secret box which you are permitted to start on your eighteenth birthday. That will happen on the year, the same year the fresh orcish attack is supposed to happen. What's in this box? Can it help you to safeguard your sort bad and your loved ones? Wil you grow to be are you going to find means to utilize your abilities and achieve your goals or the gerat warrior? Simply playing with the game may provide you answers for all these questions!

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