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Gamers (of Story Porn Games) are synonymous with masturbators, not because they play games per se, but since the approach to life they lead and the pastimes they enjoy usually include a price -- that price is being socially inept and failing to acquire the one achievement which they can never achieve from any vid game ever: Getting a real girlfriend. Maybe not all gamers available fit this profile, but a lot of them do and so they're usually pretty familiar with bore culture shit like Anime, super ironic deep-fried memes, and others. Don't be too swift to dismiss a role playing game if your very first experience with it is underwhelming. Most of these games offer you copious options for customizing your character, and you may find the game more pleasurable with a character that is differently-built. You don't want to miss out on a superb gaming experience because you're playing the wrong class There exists a comment section around the Story Porn Games web page. I'm a little disappointed nobody has said anything about Story Porn Games even however it was uploaded a month ago. Story Porn Games people aren't big commenters, evidently.

Elsa x Fap Frost: Don't let it go

4 May 21

Disney Princess Elsa and the folklore-based character Jack Frost have something in the same - they both manage the cold and are regarded asthe masters of winter (sort of). This interesting remark is unlikely to go by unnoticed, especially as they each are struggling in achieving in the second half because of their insanity but simultaneously dangerous gifts. But don't worry, because in this story, your favorite characters will finally get the chance to be content and to have fun lots... but only if you are making the right choices since this hentai parody was created in the very the affluent genre of visual novels. Don't waste time and let's discover how hot the winter really can be!

College Life Part 1

4 May 21

This is among the interactive on-line games that permits players to live two lives instead of just one. Meet the 2 principal characters: state capitaland Sonia. You can play in the future of Pierre's life. Your choices will influence the next day's events but that's not all. You could also live in the future of Sonia's life, and make choices that will affect the next dayfurther. So be cautious when you want both characters to have an amazing fuck-fest the next day, because of which is the primary objective of the game! There are a lot of the second day could have some Fuck-scenes that you can be unlocked, but you'll have to be able to hear any of your choices time of the characters' lives! Sexual consequences and responsible choices are what this game gives the player! Let the game begin.

Illuminati - The Game

15 May 21

In this adventure rpg, you'll be trying to make your way into the secret Illuminati society. What is the best way to know if there is even a possibility that it exists, when it's supposed to be secret? According to the story, your father happens to be one of its most prestigious members, but before you can be allowed to join the circle of honor, you'll be required to prove that you're worthy of the privilege. How do you accomplish that? Through exploring the world and taking advantage of the numerous opportunities it offers you to gain the desired reputation! Naturally, since this is a lie about hidden societies and all that stuffthis "required reputation" includes money, power and of course sexual sex! A lot of it! First, try to collect at least a little bit...

Pussymon 17

24 May 21

This is already 17th gig of Pussymon Saga also it has a lot of new addition to the gameplay process (might be even the largest number of them comparing to each of former sequences ). So if you already consider yourself being a professional pussymon hunter you might challenge this statement after you will play this one... The events are following the story of former vignette where Samara has trapped all your group of heroes in some strange cave. During attempts on finding out a way you will hear a mysterious voice which will give you an idea but the true motives of this unknown helper you will find out afterward. Telling you more will mean to ruin the fun so stop reading and begin to play already - those sexy furries won't capture themselves!

Like A Man Possesed

4 May 22

This graphic novel guides readers through stories about sex and violence. You are the vendor who negotiates deals in the motel and charms the daughter of the innkeeper. Perhaps it's the reputable customer who has to fix something. Perhaps it's the professor at college who exchanges her grades for a bit of girl's fling. When she bends to expose her sex and lets you get your cocky deeply and hard. For the other characters you're likely to like in this game There are some that you'll love if you're into sexual assault and violence. One of the female police officer who handles instances of violence. She also is a sex lover with a male while at work. There is also a man who provides prostitution as an alternative. The game also provides sexual toys and other things. If you are a fan of the sex, violence and games this game is perfect ideal for you.

What a Legend

6 June 22

In search for getting laid our primary hero goes to the huge city expecting much better lick there. Yet it is not luck what makes the important things go round in cities however the skill of making offers. There he satisfies mystical lady who uses him an option for his 'issue 'however first he need to complete extremely crucial mission. Is this some technique or is this his possibility to end up being a legened? You will never understand up until you will play this game yourself!


15 June 22

New video game. A new secretary was spotted within the team and has already attracted the attention of the boss. The secretary is dressed provocatively, and her round tummy and big boobs were the topic of debate with colleagues. It is likely that she will be the first lady of the company and will be granted a lot of rights and duties. However, she chose to demonstrate her capability to seduce men by sitting at a table with her boss. He was awed by such an attractive girl. She was so adept in sucking her boss's fat dick, she was promoted immediately.

Private Dick Noir v0.0.12

16 June 22

The game is a graphic novel designed for adults only and it will be an interactive tale about noir-style detective Sam who is trying to solve a different one of his cases and to do that the detective will have to go to the most shady and dark areas of the city. There is a certain danger lurking there however there's the possibility of meeting one of the hot and sexy among them...

My Last Year

18 June 22

The new college-themed adventure is upon us and all you have to do is to choose your character. After that, you'll be able to make a myriad of different choices that you probably wouldn't make in real world and that will give you a lot of sexual consequences (which is likely to be the thing that's not happening in real life). This year is the best year of your life!

Dual Family

29 January 23

An interactive 3D game in which the protagonist deals with his stepmother as well as her sibling. These women draw in the interest of the protagonist as well as he wishes to have sex with them. This is an extremely sensible game. Often it seems that you are truly having sex with two women. The game has a great deal of different places that you can check out. Women can likewise move the city as well as do different activities. For instance, you can get clothing in a store, go to the bathroom, etc.

Finding Miranda

1 February 23

The protagonist needs to go on a journey to discover Miranda. It's his sweetheart as well as she's lost. To do this, he needs to get a secret map. The map is held by a mystical guy named Simon. He has this card, however does not provide it away due to a few of his goals. Because of this, he passes off the card as his own as well as provides it to the protagonist, after which he sets off. As a benefit, the protagonist will be able to fuck busty Miranda in her tight holes.

Tsunade in debt – Tsunade sucks Raikage’s…

22 March 18

Tsunade is well known not only for her being the Godaime of Konoha but also as one of the most gambelers inside lal and her own village the village snearby. And it is not a seceret that sooner or afterwards gambling will put her in debts that are major that she won't be able to pay off even with all the cash she has. So what is she going to do with unpayable debts in thsi situation and deal? Well, this is where her thick tits and prosperous sexual experince will do the job! Ofcourse utilizing some of old and tricky jutsu technologies will make this component a littl ebit easier for her... How exactly? This is something which you will know only if you will play this fun and sexy manga porn parody game yourself! So waste no more time and see the hidden chapter of Tsunade's adventures that you will never see in anime or manga series!

Pussymon 28

22 March 18

How do you think - how many gigs there are in Pussyjmon Saga game series? Well, at this moment there are definitely 28 of them so if you have been waiting for the new epsiode since teh last game finished then get ready to dive into Pussymon world again and reside through anotehr one fine venture along with your old friends and new enemies... or new friends and old enemies? Actually both options are possible but this is something which you will have to figure out by yourself. As for the proven information in this epsiode you will get 6 new pussmons to hunt and add to your collection, 17 new animations and ofcourse new side-quest for all who is reday to explore this wonderful world outside the main storyline only! And don't forget to check our wbesite from time to time to find new gigs!

Family Reunion 4: Thursday - A Rising Starlet

22 March 18

The story of Mandy and the manwho she claims to be her father are set to continue in fourth episode. It is highly recommended to watch all prior episodes before deciding on this one since the miniseries is a story-driven. Have you already watched the episodes on our website? That's great! You are now looking to discover some more details that can help you discover the truth, but at the same time, you must find the equilibrium between this scenario and your personal work and your personal life. Be aware of the decisions you'll make from now on since, as you can observe, a lot to be concerned about! Of course, making the right decisions can help you not just advance through the story, but also uncover erotic content too!

Pummel Town: Christmas Vanity

22 March 18

Similar to any other cities no matter fictional or real the Fucktown has it's own secrets and tonight you will ultimately get the chance to reveal one of them! So get ready to become the man working at the secret research laboratory where the super technology of the glasses that lets you to see through the clothes is getting into it's final stage. And what is the final stage of any research? Field testing ofcourse! So use the opportunity while there's absolutely no one else around and set them on after which find the chick you have always liked and... well, what will happen next depends on you so from now on you will be making your own story. And did we mentioned that events of this game are taking place during the xmas season? Barely there is any finer xmas gift you can think off right now!

Cassie's Journey

22 March 18

Beautiful and huge-boobed blonde Cassie wandered through the local forest. Tired of a long walk Cassie fell asleep in a forest glade. When she woke up, she was horrified. Where did the clothes go? And what sort of lustful monster that looks at her naked figure!? Cassie can choose to run or stay. What do you think she will do?! Of course it will stay here because this monster features a big dick. And Cassie long time without rough fucky-fucky. Enjoying rough fucky-fucky with a depraved monster, Cassie runs into the wilderness of the forest. There it is waiting for even more interesting sexual adventures.

Alice - Swelling Race

22 March 18

Did you ever wished to take part in election race for a position of senator? Then you can try to do in this game! And your assistant will be Alice... who will do everything to turn this"election" race into"erection" race as it was mentioned in the title. But you can try and not to fall upon her charms - in this game you will have a lot of alternatives on your way which in final will define which one of various (!) Endings you will get! Game is well made and has nice 3D based artstyle which you most likely have already aseen in other games fom"Lesson of Passion". So waste no more time and wih this election race or have a lot of hot fuckfest with your hot assistant... or may be you will be tricky enough to receive all of that at once? Well, you need to at least try and have some fun!

Unique Sexy Occasion

26 March 18

This game is narrative oriented and you will come across some elements of horror, detective and ofcourse manga porn in it. Intrigued already? Good! Then it is time for you to begin this new day as the main character who wakes up doesn't recognize, in the place he and can't even remeber how he get in here or what happend on the day before. The place reminds some prison cell and like this is not enough he also finds hot looking chick sleeping next to him... and she is downright naked! Why he is here? Why she is here? What happened with them previosuly? Who put them in this strange place? Why they are both naked? What they have to do to discover the way out? As you will progres sthrough the story these questions are going to be answered. Well, may be they will be answered... joy or our personalities are during a great deal of hassle now? Should you would like to find out, then play with this game today! Sotras are narrated over the means that is sometimes completed heaps of text and artwork - in visual books. However when it entails hookup scenes, they will be revived rather than solely revived - some of these are mini-games! In fact, they'll play clicker-type games thus you don't get dissipated by the maximum narrative for too lengthy. On the contrary mitt, nobody asserts which you ought to win each game in the commence so that you'll have the ability to get enjoyment from the scene just as far as you desire.|The story begins at the beginning of the day, when the man wakes up with a hot-looking (and naked!) woman. The story will begin in the morning, when the person wakes up with an attractive (and naked!) chick next to him. It could be amazing if they can remember the events of last night and how they got there. It was a sloppy joke by someone? Perhaps there is something much more sinister and risky happening? Can our heroes discover the truth and figure out the way out? To discover the answers to these questions, you'll have to take part in the game! The game invites you to participate in an adult-themed adventure which combines elements of detective and thriller. As you try to reconstruct the events of yesterday's events You must also be careful not to get into any new troubles. Best of luck!}

Inspector J Episode 7

12 April 18

The progress made in resolving one of the toughest casesthat Inspector J has ever faced will be amazing in this case and you'll be getting the criminal more quickly than ever before! Don't be in a hurry and make sure you do it correctly and ask the new witness who is a very attractive and beautiful all the right questions correctly so that you can not only gain valuable information, but also enjoy a time with her and have a good time! This was actually the primary idea behind every episode before, so if you've seen these, then you know what you must do. This series is a story-driven one, therefore if you haven't watched previous episodes, it is suggested to start with the previous one. Of course, you can download them from our website.

Ryan Blender

12 April 18

Ryan Blender - this is not some jokey and strange combination of words but the name of the primary character of thsi interactive venture. Our dude is private investigator but hardly his cases about cheating hubbies and wives might ever be interesting... until this last one when outstanding lady has come searching for aid and the internal voice has told Ryan that this instance is going to be somewhat special both for his business and himself personally... but we aren't going to tell you any more detials about the story as this is not simply the detctive game which means that you will have to reveal regions of the story by yourself but also because your decisions will influence the events and might ship it to one of few unique endings. Try to get the one with most hook-up scenes!

A Student Dream

12 April 18

This interesting flash game will tell you about what is happening in the city college classroom. And also you will find out how difficult it is to be a lecturer. In your class to learn youthfull damsels who wish of orgy. Consequently, the discipline in the class is awful. So look at the game screen. You see a class where the lecturer and students. During the lesson, one of the students will try to write off the test from a neighbor, someone will ask to go to the rest room, and someone will behave rudely. You, as a lecturer, have to control the problem in the classroom. After the lesson, see the ranking of students. Ability to leave the student after school for a lecture that is . You see that busty college girls indeed wish to gain additional expertise. So use this opportunity right now. So if you are all set to hold a private lesson with a buxomy college girl then do it right now.

Dream and Conformity Part 3

1 May 18

Part 3 of a stunning 3D computer game. A castle that is secluded at the edge of a stunning laguna. Gentlewoman Priscilla de la Croua sleeps in the area. She had a beautiful dream last night. The manservant suddenly enters the room and begins to wake the noblewoman. She is now in need of assistance getting dressed. To accomplish this, use the mouse to search for items in the room. When you're doing this the noblewoman will be dressed. Then, the adventure will continue. The goal of the game is to discover the castle, host guests and engage with them in sexually explicit sex. To accomplish this, you must adapt to the surroundings within the game. Discover the secrets of an ancient castle, and let the noblewoman to experience multiple gasps. Let's get started now.


1 May 18

This is the story in 3D of a beautiful and young girl known as Ahora. She lives on an island in the tropical zone and her primary task is to sell flowers necklaces to tourists. However, as time goes by, our heroine becomes more and more of a young beautiful lady. it appears that some tourists are rather more curious about flowers, but there are many new possibilities for her to make money from Ahora's blooms. But, what exactly do we think our heroine would like? Will she take advantage of the opportunity to earn additional money or even have a an enjoyable time in the one moment? To find the answer to the question, you'll need to take part in the game yourself! Utilize your mouse to find and interact in the busy characters visible on the game's screen to move through the game, and thus the narrative.